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An outstanding beachfront property, with the very unique and special offerings of sea and bush. It's hard to put into words quite how incredible this place is. A family had a dream and after searching far and wide, found 275 hectares of spectacular, untouched wilderness. Where the roaming game frequent the close proximities of the house, where there is 2km of accessible, private beach frontage and uninterrupted sea and sunset views for days, and if that isn't enough, there are two lagoons which run through the property. I don't know about you, but this sounds heavenly, and I'd like to move there tomorrow. 


The house has been so carefully designed and build, with tall elements towering above the roof, mimicking the look and feel of a termite mound so as to blend into its environment as one of the many mounds found throughout the reserve.  The decor is stylish and sophisticated, taking much influence from the African style, colours and design. Light pours into the many different spaces of the vast villa, reflecting warm hues of red, orange, beige and pink, like that of the African landscape and sky at the different times of day.  There are 6 bedrooms,  endless outside spaces to soak up your surroundings, and two swimming pools. The list of spoils is endless.


The focus here is 'slow travel'. Their aim is for their guests to slow down, unwind, reconnect with oneself and nature! There are guided walks offered through the reserve and the option of a private chef to really help you relax, take time off and connect with nature.


This incredible destination ticks all the boxes and can be reached with a short flight to East London, and thereafter a 45 minute drive from the airport. The property even offers a landing strip and helicopter pad to accommodate their guests. 

For me, this really is bucket list stuff!


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